Couple days ago I caught a virus and it wiped everything on my CPU. That’s why I haven’t been able to make any updates. All 100 plus avatars I had created are gone. I was only able to recover randomly 12 avatars and will be posting those later. So in short it’s gonna take some time to get this going again. Also in other news I’m thinking of making a little website to branch off of this one and it will be Video Game Manuals in .pdf form. More on that another time.

Welcome To Planet of Avatars!

In 1999 I opened a little site call Avatar Arena. I started making avatars from popular cartoons/movies for people who wanted or needed an original avatar to use for the net. Forgetting all about it, 12 years later (today actually lol) I tried revisiting my old site and to no surprise it is gone. Well today I am reopening it in a way. I will be posting avatars for you guys to freely use anywhere you want. These are not in anyway my original works just me cropping and making quality better with photoshop. Enjoy! Don’t forget to become a citizen!